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Your Laugh, at Last

Poetry: Sestina

Seasons traced on footprints of springs and summers and still,
white winters, autumns fall like the leaves of brown, bare trees.
The hands of time, cruel when I dare to look back, they cage
my feet, they keep me rooted in tomorrows that will never come

Lightning in the Silence

Flash Fiction

I watch the raindrops as they slide down my window. Shiny, little droplets racing, parting, reuniting at the edges of the black frame. They remind me of us and the way we ran free that Spring.


Maybe I’m Flying to You


Short Story

“Houses like little boxes, people too tiny to be important
and me, as if I have no care, I’m just flying
I’m flying away.
Maybe I’m flying to you.
Thank you for making those months worth living.”

Through the Rustle of Leaves

Prose Poetry

There’s a whisper coming from the fallen leaves and in my mind, the image of a woman scatters into millions of red and brown rusty pieces. They follow the wind, they form smooth, colourful typhoons, they’re blowing dreams away.




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Proofreading consists of a thorough revision of the manuscript to remove spelling errors, grammatical errors, correction of punctuation and noting of repetitive or overused words.

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Frozen Adornments

Poetry and Prose of Winter and Wonder

This magical collection of stories and poetry by talented writers explores the nature of one of our most divisive holidays, and the hardest of seasons. Be charmed and thrilled with the possibilities of Christmas Eve, the warmth and love of family on Christmas Day, the rich traditions of preparation for the holidays and the cold consequences of the winter's night, but above all, enjoy the imaginations of some of our favourite writers this Yuletide eve, with a cozy fire, a warm eggnog and some wonderful prose and poetry.


An Anthology of Short Stories by The Lit Up Press

Life is full of decisions we make, taking us along one road or down another.

There are moments in life, unexpected or tragic or magical, where unpredicted happiness can turn us from a planned path, where events we hoped for are abandoned on the way, and dreams are left forgotten by the roadside. And sometimes, the choices we make bring pain or joy in ways utterly unforeseen, for ourselves and for those we love.

Twenty-five extraordinary writers write about the pivotal decisions that influenced a life or lives, as well as the consequences of those decisions, and give us a short story collection to be remembered.





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