A Hate Letter

January 25, 2018

I hate how I forced myself to tell you to leave me alone.
But mostly I hate how each and every time you failed to do what I said, forcing me to hurt once more by having to repeat it.

I hate how you’re making your way in and out of my life like it’s your home.
But mostly I hate that I wanted it to be your home.

I hate how you made everything remind me of you like you’re the only person in this world.
But mostly I hate that you were the only one in my world.

I hate when you say there’s no one like me because there are plenty like me who you have not yet hurt.
But mostly I hate that I needed to be like no one else for you.

I hate when you say I am the one you love the most.
There’s no reason for that one.
I just hate to hear you using that word like you know what it means.

I hate that you so stubbornly want to share everything with me like what I think matters.
But mostly I hate that I can’t stop caring.

I hate that I hate everything about you.
But mostly I hate that I can’t hate you.

I love you.


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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