A Sonnet of Hope

June 23, 2018

A decrepit wagon travels through time,
Torn from earthly journeys, lands on a star.
Its only rider escapes the great crime
of vile, noxious words that left her a scar.
A bitter kiss and a whispered goodbye — 
The worst of her nightmares proved to be true.
Alone and grieving, she let out a cry
Missing his touch and the deep ocean’s blue.
As on earth her tears fall on purging fires, 
She asks if love had ever been of use.
Then, she sees him —fresh, awakes her desires;
He shouts, “not fire, but soil for your tears choose!”
And there he plants seeds of hope that flourish
as dreams of days to come he yearns to nourish.


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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