A Sonnenizio on a line from Christina Rossetti’s ”Remember”
March 2019

A vestige of the thoughts that once I had*
Compelled my mind to pasts forgotten once
As if deterrent thoughts had more to add
But I, like blind to faults, a real dunce,

That vestige wandered, with my mind and soul.
Ignored that pain, rejected lessons taught,
Revived the moments life was not a stroll
How much can really change a single thought?

Remember laying under stars of hope,
My love, in silence, vows we had exchanged,
Our thoughts with dreams we weren’t afraid to cope
as, in our minds, we’d never be estranged.

And now, that thought appears absurd and sad,
For, every day, my hand will miss your hand.


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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