Before You Forget Me

September, 2018

If you’re leaving, in silence lock the door 
Behind you, love; don’t make a sound, I plead.
If you’re leaving, our starlit nights will dim 
But don’t you bother turning on the lights. 
As all the dreams and plans will turn to dust,
In haste, I’ll let my skin forget your touch 
And you, my heart, forget to grieve for us. 
Forget the love, the “if”s, the hopes, the past; 
Forget the countless puzzle pieces, too 
Because we’ve long failed to make the picture. 
But just before I’ll be forgotten, too, 
Through the wind, I’ll whisper the song of fate 
And slowly haunt your mind so when the wind 
Sings to you again, you’ll never forget 
That once, under the torrid sun you smiled.

(Blank Verse)

September 18, 2018


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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