Dancing Stardust

December 12, 2018

If all the light around me faded,
And radiance sunk in darkness,
A whisper would define me
Remains of your past.

If I earned a quiescent heartbeat,
And moonlight silently hazed,
My mind would know I lost you — 
The red string broke at last.

And the twinkling lights we counted in the night sky
If our wishes upon them ceased to exist
They would turn off eternally.

Stardust would dance across the darkness — 
just as we did.

Eyes closed
for a moment
to bring you back.

Your face draws desire from my body
when I look at you — 
image held on the left of my chest.

Memories wrapped in plastic paper and colorful bows
A home for everything we gave up.

Kneeling I offer it to you
Bowing my head

Eyes closed.


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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