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An Anthology of Short Stories
January 2019

Life is full of decisions we make, taking us along one road or down another.

There are moments in life, unexpected or tragic or magical, where unpredicted happiness can turn us from a planned path, where events we hoped for are abandoned on the way, and dreams are left forgotten by the roadside. And sometimes, the choices we make bring pain or joy in ways utterly unforeseen, for ourselves and for those we love.

Twenty-five extraordinary writers write about the pivotal decisions that influenced a life or lives, as well as the consequences of those decisions, and give us a short story collection to be remembered.

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Frozen Adornments

Poetry and Prose of Winter and Wonder
January 2020

This magical collection of stories and poetry by talented writers explores the nature of one of our most divisive holidays, and the hardest of seasons. Be charmed and thrilled with the possibilities of Christmas Eve, the warmth and love of family on Christmas Day, the rich traditions of preparation for the holidays and the cold consequences of the winter's night, but above all, enjoy the imaginations of some of our favourite writers this Yuletide eve, with a cozy fire, a warm eggnog and some wonderful prose and poetry.

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My (Almost) Life as a Hikikomori

November 2018
A Short Story collection by Alexandro Chen

In these stories, a young woman commutes for three hours only to eat sushi alone, a university student has been staying in a KFC for five days, and a desperate wife tries to talk to her husband who hasn't spoken to her in a whole year.

With pitch-dark humor and light-hearted romance, My (Almost) Life as a Hikikomori shares glints of our contemporary lives, as well as the old dilemma of death.

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Yamashita's Gold: A Stitch Novel

July, 2018

A novel by Pat Link .

"David 'Stitch' Hamilton is an American Special Forces veteran residing in Manila and making a living as a muay thai fighter. When a young woman's father disappears searching for the legendary Japanese treasure rumored to be hidden in the Philippine jungles, Stitch agrees to help, only to discover that dark forces threaten much more than just her father."

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Lit Up on Medium

June, 2017

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