Free Verse
December, 2018

There’s something in the paleness of the winter
that takes my mind to white sails and cruel, 
merciless talks. 
There’s something in the notes of a song
 that makes me dream of the silence 
that hung over our heads when the right words
were no longer right.

And in the dead of the night, 
there’s a sun whispering promises you made 
under a moon eternally pregnant with truths 
exiled to lands where you and I have never met 
and will never meet 
because certain dreams never stood a chance, 
 labelled unworthy of pursuit.

Or maybe they once were given a moment of thought, 
maybe with the wrong people, 
at a wrong time, 
on wrong grounds,
doomed to die at birth.

So you can run all you want,
You can talk all you like,
I’ve stopped long ago chasing and listening to 
The wind.


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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