Poetry Talks


When I told a friend that I was about to write an article on poetry, she said, ‘who would have thought, even in the recent past, that one day one would have a chance to talk about poetry and even be heard?’

While I laughed, I realised that she did, in fact, have a point. Luckily, the internet, aside from filling our days with unnecessary information and time-wasting trash talks, has also widened our horizons in ways for which we should be most grateful.

So, poetry.

I can’t help but notice that poetry gains more fans day by day. Even here, on Medium, where you could be forgiven for thinking poetry wouldn’t be favoured — and would be right if only considering the platform’s official administration — poetry has thrived. I find more and more poets joining the community, the inclusion of a ‘topic’ exclusively for poetry, publications welcome it, and personal poetry publications are being created every day.