The Red Dot

December 21, 2017

You close your eyes and every dream becomes real
A touch of the hand, a faint smile.
An always impulse drags her closer to you.

You try to escape, only to realize you don’t even try
Because you love what you feel and changes now frighten you.
You can’t escape your escape.

Lost in your moment, you hate distractions.
And when reality awakes, you search for the red dot.
It reminds you of a child’s sun,

Clumsily drawn in a painting’s corner.
You know it’s coming when your heart skips a beat.
Then the light softens and you can bear your sadness.

And you know you miss it when familiar darkness overtakes you.
That’s when you realize how much you need it.
When you close your eyes to feel alive again.


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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