August 29, 2017

Fingers hit the piano keys
as if they have their own free will.
The sad song we once sang together
permeated the room colorful emotions –
but the scene’s still grey.
Your laugh, lingered in my mind
after the last note
and every inch of me felt peace.
A run to the rooftop,
A deep breath,
A glance at the night sky,
A wish to live around these stars,
In a glorious universe where only you and I exist –
no one else.
But when I close my eyes I lose my thoughts.
Wishes hurt
because I know you’re a star too –
one that shines bright for me,
but so distant
beyond reach
yet I’d spend my life trying.
And when the rays of sun fall
you’ll still be there
transformed into a bird
your astonishing wings will seek for freedom
when the time comes
I’ll let go.
Even if I wonder, you see,
How one lets a bird fly
after you’ve healed its wounds and let it become a part of you?
How can one make another’s happiness his heart’s need?
How can one be happy only by giving happiness to the source of his own?
How does one set the bird free?
Maybe love’s the word I’m looking for.


©2018 by Diamaya Dawn. All Rights Reserved.

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